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January 3, 2019


“There’s a tendency for us to want to rush because the sensation of effort is really intense. When we go slow, we can breathe through every articulation of movement. We miss a lot of the flavours of life because we go fast or we’re trying to taste a certain spectrum. Going slowly helps to re-cultivate a sensitivity that makes everything more rich in life.”


- Meghan Currie



       Happy New Year! I hope 2018 brought you much to be grateful for or, if it didn’t appear to, hopefully it garnered you lots of wisdom and life-lessons which you can take with you into 2019.  


I have recently returned from my second teacher training with the absolute vinyasa master, Meghan Currie; someone whose strong and graceful style I have admired for a long time and it was an honour to learn from her.


I have always been an advocate of a mindful flow, yet on this course we learnt how to teach yoga in a way that seems to slow down time; helping us to tune into a rhythm and an energy that is deeply healing because it cultivates true awareness.


When we move slowly and mindfully, we feel things that we might not want to feel and this intensity builds heat that bubbles to the surface information we’d buried so deeply, but it’s still there. The medicinal and magical properties of this practice are worth the labour. The extraction and the purification that is the by-product of this way of flowing is immensely powerful. You start to feel everything. You begin to tune into the subtle energies coursing through the body and you feel deep gratitude for the life force that is constantly moving through you, loving you. 


I have had the most amazing time learning how to safely guide others through this process from the master, Meghan Currie, and I can’t wait to share all that I’ve learnt with you. 


My new class will be at the beautiful Una Studio in Carbis Bay. If you'd like to go swimming first, Una offer yoga students access to their pool and sauna facilities for the reduced rate of £5. The class will be on Wednesday evenings at 6pm, starting on January 30th. We will take time to reconnect and focus on being - really being - here now: grateful for all that is.


Hope to see you there!


Romy x

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